Carolyn working from her studio…

Having studied art and illustration in the early nineties, Carolyn has exhibited artwork in York, London, Derby, Manchester, Hereford and Leeds, selling work internationally. Choosing seascapes as a primary subject matter, Carolyn likes to capture atmosphere, usually with a leaning towards dark and moody – and generally on a larger scale.
Carolyn’s love of the seaside and nature in general is reflected in her painting. Utilising a range of styles, her new collection is mostly impressionistic: “This allows the viewer to interpret their own story and pull their own memories back into play,” she says.
“I’m interested in recreating a feeling, an essence. I love being by the sea or in the hills. It’s a tonic. The noise, everything, just soaks into me. I like to be playful, bold and subtle in my work, which is mostly acrylic on stretched canvasses.”

For all enquiries or to see Carolyn’s work in situ, contact her on 07506 829877 or via email 

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